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Bunny Edelson

Reggie was one of the most inspirational person I have ever known. She was so positive and up beat, a model for all of us. She will be greatly missed by everyone who crossed her path, even if it were for short periods of time.
Sunday, September 28 2008 - 01:49 PM

Michael Jablon

I've had a special fondness for Reggie and will always remember her kindness to my father, when he was grieving the death of my mother.
Sunday, September 28 2008 - 09:51 AM

Rosemary Allen

I met her twice at your house and she was truly a delightful, dynamic person -- a real role model for all of us. It is very difficult to lose a parent and the fact that it was expected does not diminish the loss. You certainly have our deepest sympathy.
Sunday, September 28 2008 - 09:48 AM

Martha Howard

Dealing with Reggie was always a pleasure; even the most mundane business-type conversation was fun because of her sharp mind and ebullience. I spent a lovely evening with her and Ed at the SF apartment that Reggie so enjoyed living in and sharing with guests.

She is truly a memorable character who will remain with me as she will with all those who knew her.
Sunday, September 28 2008 - 09:40 AM

Nina Henry

As you know, I don't have many memories of Reggie, but enough to know she was a dynamo.

My fondest memory, though, was during a reunion our family had several years ago, during Thanksgiving, here in Chicago, at Janet's. At the time, Michael's dad, Harris, was still alive and joined us for the reunion. Michael's mother, Pauline, had recently passed away, and Harris was quiet and withdrawn - depressed. Also, this was the first opportunity many of us had to meet Ed.

After dinner, we gathered in the living room and Reggie suggested we have something akin to a family group therapy session. It was a remarkable evening for this reason, alone, but I will never forget Harris' response. He suddenly came out of himself and began expressing the grief and anger he felt, now that Pauline was gone. It was a stunning moment, profound really, and I credit Reggie for bringing Harris to this important moment. I believe it allowed Harris and, possibly, Michael to move forward without the burden of their grief.

Eric, Reggie was a truly remarkable woman. I feel grateful for having known her, even though our meetings were brief and few.

Sunday, September 28 2008 - 08:59 AM