A message from Reggie

Farewell It has been a wonderful, full and exciting life. I could not ask for more. I came into the world toward the end of the second decade of the 20th century and make my exit close to the second decade of the 21st. For a nearsighted gal without the sharpness of clear vision, I've seen and done everything I could possibly want to do. As a child, I loved the story of the lame prince riding a magic carpet over the world. I've had that chance and even lived in several other countries.

I have had the privilege of raising two fantastic sons and seeing their own sons grow into magnificent men. I've had two husbands, Joe and Ed, and in my later years have been able to continue a meaningful and interesting life with Ed, a soulmate companion.

In spite of an early hit with cancer, I have been in reasonably good health and blessed with energy to do everything I wished to do.

On top of all, that I had years of doing work I loved, including 27 years as a family therapist engaged with every kind of problem known to mankind. During that period, I felt like a participant in a real-life stage drama, watching the characters engage in every kind of personal battle to win or lose their hope for a happy life.

Yes, I do believe that we are engaged in the pursuit of happiness in our lives and learning to be successful in that pursuit requires an optimistic spirit, unwillingness to feel defeat, determined goals and a good dose of humor spattered around. Would I do it over again? No, one round is enough.

I wish all my family and friends a lasting farewell and thank you for all you have given me in love and appreciation of who I have been.

I have chosen a theme song, "Moonglow", played by Artie Shaw. It is the music of my youth and my first stirrings in young adult life. Please see me dancing to the melody and do not be too saddened by my departure. I will always be with you as long as you remember me. My love for you is boundless.

August 2, 2007