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Eric Kriss
Alexander Kriss
Universal Play (2019)
ISBN: 9781472141583

Mark Kriss
Mark Kriss
One in a Million
Film DVD (2006)

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The illustration above is taken from a pastel by Joseph Kriss, circa 1950.



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Surname origins


Originally Buchwach in Russia and changed in London by Lewis (Buchwach) Browne to appear more English. Buchwach is a composite name from the German Buche meaning beech tree or beechwood, plus the German wachtel meaning quail. This may have derived first from the Yiddish vakhtl for quail. Possibly related to the more common Buchwald meaning beech forest. Likely a chosen descriptive name when Jews were forced to take surnames between 1750 and 1850 in Germany and Eastern Europe. Buchwach is best translated as 'quail in the beech tree'. Western Ashkenazic Jewish origin, German and Polish location.

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