The Alternative to Reconstruction

Information, Advice, and Support

  • For women considering whether or not to have reconstruction
  • For women who have already decided against reconstruction

The loss of one or both breasts to breast cancer can be devastating. Some women believe immediate or delayed reconstruction will help them recover emotionally from the trauma of mastectomy. But many women decide against breast reconstruction. Sometimes because they dread the pain and risk of additional surgery. Sometimes because medical issues make reconstruction inadvisable. But many women decide against reconstruction for positive reasons.

  • They're strong women who don't feel their breasts define their identity.
  • They're confident women who know they can look great in clothes without showing lots of cleavage.
  • They're active women who want to continue exercising without any restrictions.
  • They're mature women who understand that love of spouses, friends, and family isn't dependent on having breasts. is a non-profit website for women who want to learn more about living breast-free. Here, you'll find the information you need to select breast forms, bras, and swimsuits. You'll find advice about creative ways to look good and feel great about yourself. And you'll find support from women who have chosen not to reconstruct and want to share their stories with you.

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