Camisoles are a wonderful way to feel feminine and cool in hot weather. They also make great undergarments. If you enjoyed wearing camisoles before your mastectomy surgery, you may wonder if there's one you can wear now. Not only are there mastectomy camisoles, but some mastectomy bras feature lacy inserts that create the effect of a camisole when worn under a jacket. In addition, some resourceful women sew pockets into shelf bras on non-mastectomy camisoles. Wearing a camisole under a shear blouse is a nice way to feel sexy and revealing without needing to show cleavage.

Amoena Valletta Camisole

This is a very attractive camisole that has great coverage, so can be worn alone. It can also be used as an undergarment. It features an integrated shelf bra with pockets and molded foam cups. The camisole is made of soft modal material. It can be worn with an unweighted or slightly-weighted non-silicone breast form, but offers enough support that it can also be worn with a silicone form.

Please note that a number of women have commented that the Valletta Camisole runs a bit small.

Still You Tank Top

This so-called "Tank Top" is really a classic camisole. It has a shelf bra with pockets for breast forms. The manufacturer recommends wearing its Illusions breast form (a non-silicone form described in our Breast Forms section) with the Tank Top. It can also be worn with an unweighted or slightly-weighted foam form. A silicone form would be too heavy and would cause the camisole to sag. Worn alone or under a T-shirt, the Still You Tank Top is an excellent choice for exercising. It also looks great under a sheer blouse or under a jacket or open blouse. Available in nude, black, and white.

Still You also makes a Jacquard Lace Tank Top, a dressier version of their basic camisole. Available in black, white, brown, and pink.