Swim Forms

There are a variety of swim forms available, ranging from silicone options, offered by most of the major breast form manufacturers, to non-silicone choices, and even improvised solutions, the most popular being the bath puff.

Silicone Swim Forms

Silicone swim form have concave backs so that water can flow through, enabling the forms to retain their shape and allowing for less weight than traditional forms. Two examples of silicone swim forms that many women like are the Amoena Aqua Wave Swim Form and the Nearly Me #380 Freestyle Modified Triangle. You can also use these forms for exercise and other athletic activities. It should be noted that a number of regular silicone forms can also be used for swimming. Check with your fitter or the manufacturer to make sure, as salt water or chlorine can be problematic for some silicone forms.

Non-Silicone Swim Forms

Several of the non-silicone forms described in our Non-Silicone Breast Forms section work well as swim forms. They provide a lightweight or weightless option that gives a nice molded look in a swimsuit. They can be worn in the pocket of a mastectomy suit or can be pinned or sewn into a non-mastectomy bathing suit. Still You, which makes the Illusions Breast Replacement form, says that its forms are "ideal for swimming and active wear." And the makers of Pals Breast Forms also affirm that their forms can be used for swimming.

Improvised Swim Forms

An improvised swim form that has gained great popularity among women is the so-called bath puff, also known as a bath poof or shower scrubby. This cheap, almost-weightless finely netted product, which is normally used in the shower for exfoliation, can be worn in the pocket of a mastectomy swimsuit. The bath puff drains immediately and dries almost instantly, both desirable qualities in a swim form. And the bath puff won't weigh you down! If the shape or size isn't quite right, you can use a scissors to sculpt a swim form custom-made for you. Bath puffs can be found at many stores. Tip — look for one that's tightly bound. Those that are just bound with a plastic ring don't work as well.