Swimsuit shopping can be stressful even if you have two healthy breasts. After mastectomy surgery, you may find it even more of a challenge. Not only do you want to look good while not revealing too much, you also want to enjoy swimming without feeling weighed down by your breast form. And you want to get out of the water without worrying that your bustline will sag down to your waist. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of suits available that address these concerns. Or, you may decide to sew pockets into suits you already own. If you prefer not to wear any forms in your swimsuits, you may find that blouson suits work well for this purpose.

Swim forms are discussed in our Breast Forms section. Below, we survey some of the companies that design mastectomy swimsuits. Which swimsuits you prefer will depend on your own individual taste and body type, as well as your post-mastectomy needs. While we can't suggest a particular suit or style, we have provided links to some of the most popular swimsuit manufacturers. Where possible, the link is to the manufacturer's own website. In some instances, where links to manufacturers don't exist or don't provide adequate information, links to online retailers are used instead. The retailers are selected from among those included in our Helpful Links section. These are retailers who offer excellent service, fair prices, and a good selection of post-mastectomy products.

One very popular source for mastectomy swimsuits is Lands' End. Many of their mastectomy suits are modified versions of their non-mastectomy suits. Their prices are moderate and if you watch for sales, you can buy suits at an even lower cost. Lands' End tankinis are particularly comfortable and flattering. There are usually one or more tankinis shown with print tops, which some women prefer as a way to make their bustlines less of a focal point.

The Anita line includes a large selection of attractive mastectomy swimsuits, including bikinis. Anita suits are well-made, stylish, and come in a large variety of styles and fabrics.

Amoena offers a large selection of swimsuits, both one- and two-piece. Their collection features suits designed for active swimmers as well as for less strenuous wear.

Other companies that market swimsuits include Jodee and Hapari.

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