Silicone Breast Forms

Silicone breast forms are the most lifelike forms on the market today and are the most popular type of form. Silicone forms come in all shapes and sizes. If you've had a single mastectomy, there's almost certainly a silicone breast form available that will match up well with your remaining breast. And if you've had a bilateral mastectomy, you can choose the size and look you want.

The great advantage of silicone forms is their ability to simulate natural breast tissue. They also mold to the chest wall, so can provide a secure fit even if your surgical site has unevenness or concavity. With shapes varying from triangle to tear drop, heart shape, or asymmetrical, you'll most likely be able to find a form that restores the look of your natural breast.

Silicone forms do have some disadvantages, however. They can be quite heavy, especially in the larger sizes, making them uncomfortable to wear and putting a strain on your shoulders. While some weight may be necessary to help balance your natural breast if you've had a single mastectomy, too much weight can create problems. Further, silicone forms can cause your chest to perspire, particularly in warm weather and during exercise, even when worn in a pocketed bra.

Many women have felt frustrated with the heaviness of forms and their tendency to cause perspiration. However, in recent years manufacturers have responded with solutions that address both these problems. There are now ways to enjoy the benefits of silicone without experiencing its disadvantages.

  • All the major breast form manufacturers have introduced lightweight silicone forms. These forms can be 20% to 50% lighter than standard-weight forms and many women find them very comfortable.

  • Companies have also paid attention to complaints about perspiration caused by wearing a silicone form against the chest wall, even inside a pocket. They've created a variety of cooler breast forms, which generally use some type of moisture-wicking backing on a lightweight silicone form.

  • Another option that's gaining in popularity is the attachable form. Attachable forms adhere to the chest and can be worn with a regular unpocketed bra. An attachable form takes weight off your shoulders and allows the form to move with you in a way that feels secure, lifelike, and comfortable.

Below, you'll find options that we think work particularly well to provide the natural feel of silicone while maintaining comfort. However, selecting the right breast form is a very personal process. What works for some women may not work for you. For example, if your skin is sensitive, attachable forms may not be a good choice. Or, even though many women prefer lightweight forms, you may find that a standard weight form suits you better. We encourage you to try on a variety of forms to discover what's best for you. A number of companies manufacture breast forms. These include American Breast Care, Amoena, Classique, Jodee, Nearly Me, and Trulife.

Amoena Contact

Amoena's innovative contact form has a "permanent" adhesive back, featuring "Pearl" adhesive, little pearl-shaped protrusions which help the form attach. The back sticks to your skin directly and doesn't require special tape. To maintain the adhesive back, the form should be washed after every use. Its stickiness does diminish over time, even when washed carefully according to the instructions, but it remains sticky enough to stay in place in a regular unpocketed bra. Most regular full-coverage bras will work well with Amoena Contact Forms.

The Amoena Contact is lightweight. Amoena has recently redesigned the form to incorporate its new Comfort+ technology. The front layer of silicone feels very soft and the back (which adheres to the skin) features a "temperature-equalizing layer" that helps control body heat and reduce perspiration.

This form has two tremendous advantages — it feels lighter than typical silicone forms, since part of the weight is borne directly by your chest wall; and it feels more like part of your body because it doesn't move away from your chest when you lean forward, as traditional silicone forms sometimes do.

As for disadvantages, some women find direct skin contact with the form to be uncomfortable. If you have that problem, the Amoena Contact may not be the best choice for you. Also, in hot climates or other sweaty situations, excessive perspiration may reduce the Amoena Contact's ability to adhere to your skin. The Comfort+ technology may reduce this problem, but it's unlikely to completely eliminate it. Amoena does make a Back Pad, which allows you to cover the adhesive back and wear the form in a pocketed bra, so this would be an option in hot weather.

The Amoena Contact form is available in several shapes and projections.

Amoena Energy

The Energy form combines Amoena's Comfort+ technology with a three-dimensional pearl surface on the back of the breast form to maximize air flow. According to Amoena, the Comfort+ technology enables the breast form to absorb heat generated from the chest wall and return the warmth when needed, "maintaining a perfect and constant balance with the body for maximum comfort," while the three-dimensional pearl surface "reduces perspiration and increases evaporation rate."

Women who have used the Energy breast form report that it's effective at minimizing perspiration. It contains 30% more Comfort+ than other Amoena forms, making it an excellent choice for women when exercising or for those who suffer from hot flashes or live in a warm climate.

The Energy form comes in several innovative shapes, offering fitting options for both average and full cups. This form is meant to be worn in a pocketed bra.

Amoena Natura

The Natura is a lightweight form and is available in several shapes and projections. The Natura incorporates Amoena's Comfort+ technology — the front of the form is made of very soft silicone, while the back features a "temperature-equalizing layer" that is intended to control body heat and reduce perspiration.

Some women report an improved skin climate with the Natura, which is why we are recommending it. This form is designed to be worn with a pocketed bra.

Anita TriTex, Style 1055X

The TriTex represents a wonderful advance in breast form technology. The back of this silicone form has raised silicone ridges which create air chambers for ventilation. These chambers are covered by an extremely soft microfiber backing. The microfiber extends over the entire back of the silicone form, so you can wear the form directly against your skin in an unpocketed bra, without any silicone touching your skin. This prevents the stickiness and irritation that can result from wearing a traditional silicone form against bare skin. The microfiber backing wicks moisture away from your chest, allowing it to evaporate. You can also wear this form in a pocketed bra, if you wish.

The TriTex is an excellent choice if you're bothered by traditional silicone forms. It's also a good option if you find mastectomy bras uncomfortable, since it can be worn in a regular bra. The form should be hand washed with mild soap, just as you would wash a traditional silicone form.

Note: This form was discontinued for a while in the United States, but because of popular demand is now available again. Your local retailer can order the form for you or you can order it online from Park Mastectomy Supply, which sells it for a good price.

TLC's Comfort-Lite Form

The Comfort-Lite is a three-layered breast form that combines silicone gel, polyurethane beads, and a hypoallergenic fabric backing. This triangular form is ultra-lightweight, yet soft and natural-looking. It can be worn in a regular bra and is an excellent choice if perspiration is a problem and if you desire a form that combines the naturalness of silicone with an extremely light weight. It's offered by TLC, the mastectomy product website of the American Cancer Society.

Trulife BodiCool

The BodiCool breast form is designed to minimize perspiration behind the form by utilizing a raised channeling system of Cooling Cushions "to promote air circulation for optimal cooling." The Cooling Cushions are filled with TruCool™ gel, which draws excess heat away from the body.

While this form won't entirely eliminate perspiration, it's an excellent choice for those seeking to reduce the problem. The BodiCool form is meant to be worn in a pocketed bra, but comes with a removable CoolMax® breast form cover, enabling it to be used in a non-mastectomy bra as well.

Trulife Silk Connect

The Silk Connect is an attachable breast form, part of Trulife's Harmony Silk line of very soft, lightweight breast forms. The Silk Connect shares the advantages and disadvantages listed above for the Amoena Contact form. However, unlike the Amoena Contact, with its "Pearl" adhesive back, the Silk Connect features a smooth adhesive back. Some women find that the Silk Connect back detaches from the chest more gently than the Amoena Contact and that the form is even lighter-weight. It also offers a slightly different shape, projection, and feel than the Amoena Contact and comes with a protective back, enabling it to be worn unattached, like a regular silicone form. The Silk Connect is a good option to consider if you're looking for an attachable breast form.