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MINIATURES (1987-88) -- Click on photos below to enlarge --

The miniatures represent an exploration in 1987-1988 of a then-new artistic medium -- the personal computer. They are translations: works in other media transcribed into the computer by techniques that give them a different and unique character.

The twelve 6" x 8" miniatures derive from Kriss' orginal drawings -- parodies of eighteenth-century miniatures from the Malwa region of India. The Indian artists frequently showed sensitive love scenes with touches of humor. Kriss's interpretations, using the flat color fields typical of the Malwa artists, emphasize their characteristic whimsy. After creating the originals in ink and felt pen, Kriss transcribed them into an Amiga 1000 computer (using a video camera and special lighting) and painstakingly adjusted the color to match the originals -- a process that required construction of an atlas of 4,096 colors, each with its own numerical computer code. [Editor's note: neither color scanners nor accurate color matching were available for the then state-of-the-art Amiga 1000 in 1987-88.]

The Rope (1988)

Lovers (1988)

Dagger (1988)

Mirror (1988)

The Couch (1988)

Parasols (1988)

Spyglass (1988)

Elephants (1988)

Pillows (1988)

Combo (1988)

Corset (1988)

Mouse (1988)