Joseph Kriss Legacy
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Kriss' imagination was stimulated frequently by trips to Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East, as reflected in his drawings. His grandsons provided another source of inspiration as in the Zepa's Studio series.
Computer "Translations" & Collages (1987-89)
These pieces represent an exploration of a then-new artistic medium -- the Amiga computer. The "Translations" are works in other media transcribed into the computer by techniques that give them a different and unique character. The Collages are portions of images or a number of separate images cut out and mounted. In this way, Kriss evaded a major limitation of the computer as an artistic medium -- its inability (within a limited budget) to produce an image larger than 8-1/2" and 11". The collages, in general, are playful pictures (cats in various poses, for example); some represent different interpretations of the "warrior" theme. See also Miniatures.
Computer-generated fractals (1988?-89)
The multi-colored fractals are conceived from Mandelbrot's fractal geometry. The computer graphic type images are successive random additions of triangles, circles, and other geometrical figures which can continue into infinity. Kriss was very excited by fractal images and had hoped to further develop new art forms utilizing these scientific and mathematical applications to computer graphics. This experimentation was cut short by his death in September 1989.